There are lots of ways to get a cheaper price but because electronic payments have become so popular cash is now more of a pain. I'll share a few other ways to get a better price on a skip bin later in this article.

When I take a cash payment my drivers don't just have to worry about what skips they are taking where but they have to collect the money and worry about if the customers aren't there.

Contamination Is A Huge Risk

There is also an increased risk that the skip will be contaminated and we'll need to charge extra disposal and not have an easy way to charge. When I don't take a credit card payment, following up on these issues is much harder and may leave me exposed to paying 10 – 20 times the expected disposal costs.

When a customer asks about a cash price, I immediately ask “So what exactly is the project you're working on?” and “How will you be loading that into the skip?”. I have to judge by the tone and answers to the questions if I trust my customer to do the right thing.

Better Ways To Get A Cheaper Price

A better way to get a cheaper price is to workout what can be separated and recycled rather than relying on us to separate it at our depot. Things like cardboard, bricks, concrete, plants, vegetation and hardwood can all be easily recycled, but separating it from everything else is time consuming when it is in one stream.

Unfortunately this tactic only really works well when you are dealing with large volumes of these materials. This means that even for small building sites there is little point in having multiple bins for waste streams.

Smart customers will often ask “Can I have the bin for longer than 7 days?” because they know that it will cost more to get one bin a week than to get one bin for a month. Ask around and see what deals you can get. Some companies might charge more than others but let you keep the bin longer where others do not.

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