Asbestos and fibro materials

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Brick and Concrete

May contain concrete and clay or concrete bricks, blocks or roof tiles.

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Virgin Excavated Natural Material - Can contain natural material such as clay, gravel, sand, soil and rock that has not been contaminated by chemicals or other contaminants. No green waste.

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Green Waste

Green or garden waste typically includes: Grass Clippings, Leaves, tree branches/logs (less than one meter long and 150mm in diameter), untreated timber, weeds, flowers and small quantities of fruit or vegetables attached to pruned vines or branches. Excluding palm trunks

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Heavy Waste

Hard and Heavier materials such as concrete, bricks, tiles, sand, gravel, soil, rock, aggregates, stone, treated timber, tree trunks etc that are Non-Putrescible (do not contain rotting substances)

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Light Waste

Light general waste usually includes most light household or commercial items. Mostly any items, excluding concrete, bricks, tiles, aggregates, sand or soil.

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