I want a skip bin, how much will that cost?

The cost depends on a few factors, the size of the skip, the type of waste you’re going to load it with and where you need it delivered to. We’ve made it super easy to get a quote on our website, just enter your suburb and click the “Get Prices Now” button and the website will show you what’s available at what price.

What size skip bin will I need?Three Wheelie Bins

You will need to estimate the volume of waste or items you have to dispose of but estimating how many 1m x 1m x 1m cubes your waste could fill. Some people find it easier to imagine home many council bins they could fill up. Filling approximately four 240L council bins (The large ones) is one cubic meter. For more help estimating your waste visit our waste estimator page.

Is there anything I can't put into the skip bin for disposal?

You will need to follow the guidelines for the waste type you have selected but generally hazardous materials such as poisons or household chemicals should not be put in skips or anything containing liquids or pressurised gases. Also tires and mattresses can only be disposed of by special arrangement. You should see out waste types page for what the different classifications of waste are which will define what items and materials can be loaded into our skips at what cost.

Can you deliver that today?

Good news! Usually the answer is yes. If you call in the morning generally we can get you onto our afternoon schedule. You can order your skips same day if you like but with notice we can fit you in when you need the skip bin delivered.

What payment methods do you accept?Payment Logos

We accept VISA and Mastercard credit cards as well as Cash on Delivery, Direct Deposit and Cheque.

Is it cheaper if I don't have the bin for the whole seven days of the standard hire period?

Unfortunately it is not cheaper to shorten the standard hire period as the time onsite affects the cost of delivering our skip hire service very little in comparison to disposal costs or running our fleet of trucks.

If I order an asbestos bin does it come with the plastic and tape needed to wrap the asbestos in for transport and disposal?

Yes the plastic is supplied for you to wrap the asbestos in as well as line the skip bin.

Do I need a permit to place a skip bin on the nature strip or on the roadway?

A permit is not required by Central Coast Council but the placement needs to be considered safe for pedestrians and road users alike. This means we cannot block pedestrian access or cause pedestrians to need to walk on the roadway. We also must not cause any damage to the curb, footpath or roadway when placing our skips. This sometimes makes finding an appropriate place to put the skip close to the property difficult but a safe placement is always possible.

Skip bin on the nature strip

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