This year as we enter the build up to the 25th of December I am thinking more and more about what wastes we can eliminate from our lives. I've always thought Christmas was a wasteful time of year with so much Christmas wrapping and packaging from gifts being thrown away.

Christmas is also the time that many decide to get skip bins Central Coast sorted out while they cleanup the yard and home for the relatives to come and stay. Everyone is trying to get their renovations complete to show friends and family over the holidays. If you're hiring skips over the holiday period then you should make sure you book in early to avoid disappointment.

If you are really serious about avoiding wasted Christmas wrapping this year, there are always ways to avoid creating waste in the first place. You could wrap presents in tea towels rather than in wrapping paper as the towels won't be thrown away.

Another alternate idea is to reuse the wrapping paper by trying not to rip up and crush the paper when you're unwrapping your presents. I can't see my 4 year old managing to contain his excitement in this way though.

Wrapping paper can be useful in arts and crafts activities later in the year. This will give the wrapping at least another usage before it ends up making its way to the bin.

You can definitely avoid wrapping paper in the Santa stocking by not wrapping the presents from Santa at all. Your children will still get the surprise of what Santa has brought them, only it will happen when they remove the gift from their stocking.

As with all things related to the circular economy and reducing waste we must begin to consider changing our usage habits rather than relying on recycling to fix the problem. Recycling is actually one of the very last steps in the waste hierarchy and it is important that we begin the process with minimising wasteful habits.

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